Awareness, Compassion, Resilience

Mindfulness in Practice.

Our approach to mindfulness combines yoga and meditation to cultivate a synergy between the body and mind. 

We offer mindful movements and mindfulness techniques to athletes, busy professionals, children, and everyone in between; all ages and experience levels are welcome.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be described as paying attention, in a particular way, with an attitude of compassionate or friendly non-judgment, with the intention of increasing one's capacity for awareness in the present moment.

- Dr. Rhonda Magee

How Can Mindfulness Help You?

Studies have shown that over time mindfulness practices can do many wonderful things, such as: 

  • cultivate attention and focus
  • help regulate emotions and the development of emotional intelligence
  • improve overall academic and professional performance; and
  • increase resilience and well-being. 

See the Difference:

Try 10 minutes of meditation a day and notice the difference in your life. 

Do what you can! Incorporate 1 minute of time each morning, lunch break, and evening, to sit up tall and connect with your breath*.

*Note: the breath is not always a suitable anchor. Instead, you may shift your focus to what you feel, smell, or hear, or perhaps a phrase, such as "I am" or "one".

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